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The ECOdrug database contains information on the Evolutionary Conservation Of human Drug targets in over 600 eukaryotic species The interface allows users to identify human drug targets to 1000+ legacy drugs and explore integrated orthologue predictions for the drug targets, transparently showing the confidence in the predictions both across methods and taxonomic groups.

ECOdrug: a database connecting drugs and conservation of their targets across species
Bas Verbruggen, Lina Gunnarsson, Erik Kristiansson, Tobias Österlund, Stewart F. Owen, Jason R. Snape, and Charles R. Tyler
Nucleic Acids Research, gkx1024

This is the Drug tab where information on drugs can be retrieved.
To look up information on a drug, type/select it in the General settings panel.

Alternatively, in the Drug target tab details on individual targets can be found.

For detailed explanation of all features please visit the Help tab.